Round vs. Cushion Cut Diamonds: What Is the Perfect Shape for Your Engagement Ring?

Cushion cut vs. round, it’s a hard choice to make taking into account that these are two most popular ring diamond shapes.

According to the Estate Diamond Jewelry’s statistics 2020, the average couple in the USA spends three and a half months searching for their engagement rings. What metal to choose for the band? What diamond shape do we want? What gemstone size? How will our engagement rings look with our wedding bands? Many questions occur in your mind during engagement time. 

The main element of an engagement ring is its diamond. It should reflect your preferences and tastes. You need to consider its shape, color, weight, and even clarity and fluorescence. 

Among the various diamond shapes, round and cushion are the most popular. Here we’re going to compare cushion cut vs. round cut diamonds to make your search easier. Besides, it’s a great opportunity to get to know more about these diamond shapes and find the perfect one for your engagement ring. 

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What is a Round Cut Diamond

Beyond 4Cs says, a round cut diamond is the most popular diamond shape for engagement rings and accounts for approximately 50% of diamonds sold in the USA. Why are round diamonds so attractive? That’s because their style allows the light to reflect in such a way to make them more brilliant and sparkly compared to other diamond shapes. Moreover, they are suitable for different ring styles and finger sizes. 

People became more aware of round-cut diamonds after Marcel Tolkowsky published his work “Diamond Design: A Study of the Reflection and Refraction of Light in Diamond”. In this research, he analyzed the evolution of the diamond shapes and the values of the various forms. But, the most important thing is he found out the ideal cut proportions of a round gemstone.

Round is the most symmetrical diamond shape: all the facets meet in the middle, around a central point. After polishing, a round cut diamond consists of 58 facets (including the culet). They reflect exceptional white light, brilliance, and bring out the diamond’s inner beauty.

During the process of cutting a round diamond, a significant portion of the rough stone is lost. Therefore, round-cut diamonds tend to be more expensive gemstones than other fancy shapes. Besides, it takes much time and a certain skill to fashion a perfectly round diamond.

Because of its popularity, round-cut diamonds often appear in movies. You can see a round engagement ring in the Bride Wars movie and a famous black diamond ring in the Sex and the City 2 movie.

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What Is a Cushion Cut Diamond

Cushion-shaped diamonds are very popular among the fancy shapes for engagement rings. People like their elegant and charming appearance. It’s a modern interpretation of an old mine cut diamond, the antique diamond shape widespread from the middle 18th century till the early 19th.

Cushion cut diamonds look like pillows with a squarish outline and 58 brilliant-cut facets. They have more fire than other cuts. One of their beneficial features is they hide inclusions very well.

Unlike other diamond shapes, cushion cut diamonds have a variety of different faceting styles. Today the main cuts are old mine, brilliant, and modified “crushed ice” and “hybrid.”

The old mine cushion cut is considered to be the oldest faceting style. It appeared in the 1700s. This cut has “chunky,” geometrical facets, a larger culet, deep pavilion, and a high crown.  

The cushion brilliant-cut appeared after the old mine. Cushion brilliant diamonds are very similar to round brilliant cut diamonds. They are cut for maximizing the diamond’s light and unique brilliance. Cushion brilliant cut diamonds contain larger facets, which resemble a star.

The cushion modified style is a variation on the cushion brilliant cut. This type includes an extra row of facets, which resemble a flower. “Crushed ice” and “hybrid” are defined as cushion modified brilliants by GIA. Despite their similarity, there are some distinctions.  

What makes the cushion modified “crushed ice” cut different from others is changed and shortened star facets. They are bottom-heavy and look smaller in comparison to hybrid and brilliant-cut diamonds with the same carat size. Moreover, these cushions save the most original diamond crystal, so they are less expensive than cushion brilliant-cut diamonds.

Cushion modified “hybrid” cut combines the faceting design of brilliant and “crushed ice” ones. These diamonds have four-star facets on the pavilion,  that extend from the center and touch the girdle of the gemstone, and modified facets in between them. Such an arrangement of the facets provides more sparkle and fire to the diamond.

Cushion cut engagement rings occur in The Great Gatsby (Daisy’s ring) and 

Legally Blonde 2 (Elle’s ring) movies.

How Cushion Cut and Round Diamonds Are Different

Whether you choose a round or cushion cut diamond for your engagement rings, each of them will look great. They have a lot in common. Both are considered to be brilliant cuts and consist of 58 facets. Nevertheless, there are certain distinctions between them. Compare main characteristics, such as style, sparkle, price, and selection process of cushion cut diamond vs. round cut.

Cushion Cut vs. Round Diamonds: Style

What are the style differences of cushion vs. round cut diamonds? Round cut diamonds have a traditional, highly classic shape. They look like perfect, brilliant circles. If you have a conservative sense of style, this timeless shape is an excellent option for you. 

On the other hand, cushion cut diamonds are considered to be a unique, vintage shape among the fancy-shaped diamonds. They are perfectly fit for those, who are romantics at heart and love all-things-antique. 

Cushion Cut vs. Round Diamonds: Sparkle

A diamond looks sparkly thanks to catching the light, reflecting, refracting, and emitting it. There are two kinds of light: white light (brilliance) and rainbow light (fire). The difference in the cuts makes polished diamonds sparkle differently. Round cut diamonds have the most brilliance, but cushion cut diamonds have the most fire. Depending on your personal taste, you can choose between these two diamond cuts based on the amount and type of scintillation.

Cushion Cut vs. Round Diamonds: Price

Round cut diamonds are the most expensive diamond shape. There are three main reasons for that:

  • In the process of cutting, a significant part of the rough stone is removed. Approximately 60% of the raw stone is chopped off as waste. 
  • The diamonds are brilliant cut, so they reflect and refract the highest level of light. 
  • The demand for round cut diamonds is very high. The majority of engagement rings in the US have round cut center diamonds.

Cushion cut diamonds compared to round cut diamonds are cheaper. This is due to that during the cutting and polishing processes, a small percentage of the rough gemstone is discarded. As a result, the price of cushion cut diamonds is about 25 to 50 % lower than round cut diamonds with the same characteristics and carat weight.

Cushion Cut vs. Round Diamonds: Selection Process

When buying diamond engagement rings, you need to assess the gemstone by the 4Cs system created by GIA. 4Cs mean cut, color, clarity, and carat weight. These four components will assist in defining the quality and design of the diamonds.

If you select among round cut diamonds, it’s enough to use the 4Cs system. But, choosing engagement rings with cushion cut diamonds, you need also to draw your attention to the diamond's ratio, table percentage, faceting, and depth percentage.

One of the important things, which you need to take into account is that cushion cut diamonds tend to demonstrate color very well. They look a bit more yellow than round gemstones of the same color grade. So, if you want a colorful diamond in your engagement ring, a cushion cut diamond is a perfect option for you. Moreover, the cushion is good for somebody, who wants the idea of the round, but something unique.


An engagement ring is a symbol of your love and willingness to take the relationship to the next level. It should be unique, special, and personalized.

It’s easy to get confused with the numerous characteristics that comprise diamond shapes and cuts. But now you know the essential attributes of the most popular diamond cuts: round and cushion. Using this comprehensive guide you will be able to make your monumental purchase simple and quick.

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