Unique Proposal Ideas for Every Couple

People who want to settle down with the person they love no longer stick to the usual “getting down on one knee with a ring on the hand” marriage proposals. They become more and more creative not just to impress their special someone but also to hallmark the once in a lifetime moment. Unique engagement proposal ideas are all over the web which will inspire you and give you ideas on what to do during this special day.

Making it memorable and perfect would be totally worth all your effort once you get the big "YES!" After you gather all the courage to pop the question, you need a unique and creative way to make a big impression. Of course, you want it to be original without overdoing it. So, if you are looking for engagement proposal ideas, we have some here for you!

Roller Coaster Proposal

Invite your friends for a rollercoaster ride along with your partner. Prepare the words "Will you marry me?" and flash it for the souvenir photo. Your partner will not have any idea about what you and your friends did. When she sees the souvenir photo, pop the question and get down on one knee! That would be the most unforgettable rollercoaster ride ever!

Hot Air Balloon Ride Proposal

Your partner will feel very special if you propose while soaring above the clouds in a hot air balloon! You could either pop the question while on air or let your family and friends spell the big question on the ground. This is no doubt a timeless romantic move for your one true love!

Romantic Helicopter Ride Proposal

The mere idea of riding a rented helicopter is already so sweet! But if you use it for your marriage proposal, it would be very memorable. It would be awesome if you do this during the night so that you can spell the question using candles. Or if you do this at daytime, use rocks and other materials to spell the words which can be seen from above. Another option is to ask her the question while on the helicopter.

Movie Theater Proposal

Your partner is lucky if you are a filmmaker and you could make a mini-movie for her to be played in the giant screen of a movie theater. Of course, she won't suspect that you are up to something because you just invited her to watch a movie. But once you are there, play the short film and ask her the big question in the end. It would be a bonus if you prepared an engagement party after the short-film to make the moment even more memorable!

Aquarium Marriage Proposal

Learning a new skill like scuba diving is awesome! But doing it for the person you love makes it even more amazing! If you do not know how to scuba dive, take some lessons so you can pull off this dramatic engagement proposal. Bring your partner to a place with a giant aquarium. Make sure you are with a friend or a family member who can stay with her while you secretly get into your scuba diving gear and surprise her while you propose inside a giant tank!  If you cannot learn to scuba dive, hire someone to dive in the water for you while holding the sign that says," Will you marry me?"

Wall Climbing or Mountain Climbing Proposal

If both of you love extreme sports, you can try this idea. It's either you put your proposal on the top of the wall or you drop down on one knee when she comes down. Make sure you prepare something romantic when she comes down like a string of lights and rose petals or whatever you think will make the moment more special. You can also take this idea to the next level by climbing a mountain. Once you reach the peak, propose to her.

Skydiving Proposal

She will never forget your proposal if you do it while skydiving. You can prepare a largely printed question or spell it out on the drop off location so she can see it by the time she arrives. Or you can also print a large banner and drop it while you are in the sky. Now this will literally take her to cloud nine!

Well, whatever way you do it, what matters is that you were able to gather up the nerve to pop the question! But if you make it memorable like the engagement proposal ideas above, that would take your proposal to the next level. Here's a tip: See to it that your proposal is still personal and the place or situation is something important to both of you.

Millennials indeed changed the traditional way of proposing marriage. This is isn't a bad thing though, because apart from making it more special, you will surely have a great story to tell your kids and grandchildren about how sweet and unforgettable the moment is.