Questions To Ask Before Buying An Engagement Ring

Finding the perfect ring size for your partner is a challenging thing to do especially if you intend to surprise her. Of course, you don't want to buy an engagement ring with the wrong size because you will be shelling out some money for that. It would also ruin everything if the ring won't fit her! That would be a total disaster!

Remember that you will be asking one of the most important questions in your life. Hence, you have to make sure that everything would be perfect including the ring size. Apparently, the easiest way to do that is to just ask her. But if you want to give her a huge engagement surprise, then you have to get her size without her knowing. How can you do that?

There are different ways to check a woman's ring size secretly. But before that, here are things that you need to bear in mind:
Better to buy a bigger ring

Better to buy a bigger ring

When you buy a bigger ring, it is easier to shrink its size later on. Also, it would be disappointing if you got a small ring and it won't fit her finger the moment you pop the question. At least when it is bigger, you can still slip it into her finger and it won't ruin one of the most unforgettable moments of your life.
Rings with plain bands are easier to resize

Rings with plain bands are easier to resize

If you are really unsure of the ring size, you better buy one with a plain band than one with stones embedded all around it. This is easier to resize if you mistakenly bought the wrong size. But if you really want a ring with stones, then you have to make sure that you get the perfect size at once.
Wider bands are tighter

Wider bands are tighter

Since rings that have wider bands fit tighter, it is recommended that you size it up by a quarter to half size. This way, the ring won't be too tight.

Average Ring Size for a Woman

The first thing that you need to know is the average ring size for women. This will serve as a guide for your ring shopping. Statistics reveal that the average ring size for American women is between size 5 and size 7 with a height of about 5-feet 4 inches.

Using this as a basis, try to guess her ring size. Is her body frame small, average or large? It would also help if you know her weight. Check her fingers and knuckles, too. If her fingers are slender with large knuckles, then a larger ring will fit in.

For women who are small-framed weighing under 120 pounds with slender fingers, the possible finger size is from 4 to 5. If the woman has a large frame weighing over 150 pounds with thicker fingers, size 7-9 is a good guess for a ring size. Still unsure of your partner's ring size? We will give you some tips on how you can make an educated guess on the best fit ring for her.
Trace your partner's ring on a paper
1. Trace your partner's ring on a paper
If your partner will take off her ring like before going on a shower, take this opportunity to get the ring size. Grab a piece of paper and a pencil then trace the ring size. Take note where that ring fits. There's a possibility that she isn't wearing it on her left ring finger. But this could serve as a guide. Bring it to a jeweler so they can help you determine the size. Luckily, they know the size of her ring finger merely by checking the size of her other fingers.
Press it on a bar of soap
2. Press it on a bar of soap
It won't take long to do this. Just grab the ring and place it on top of a bar of soap. Press it hard so you can see the outline of the ring. Make sure that you will wipe off excess soap from the ring before you return it. Also, you need to know which finger that ring fits.
Use a string
3. Use a string
While she is sleeping, get a piece of string and put it around her finger. See to it that it's not too tight and it could move over her knuckles. Then mark or cut the correct length. You can either bring this to a jeweler or look for a standard ring sizer online that you can use as a guide.
Ask a family member or friend
4. Ask a family member or friend
It is possible that her mom, sister or one of her friends already know the size of her ring. You can just ask one of them. In case none of them knows her size, you can ask them to check it for you. One of her friends can bring her to a ring shopping just for fun. Once her friend gets her ring size, let her pass the information to you.
Use a candlestick
5. Use a candlestick
Get a candlestick and push the ring over it. Mark on the part where the ring stops. Before you return the ring to your partner's jewelry box, see to it that there is no waxy residue on it or else your surprise might fail.
Compare your fingers
6. Compare your fingers
While holding each other's hand, check the size of her fingers compared to yours. Your pinky might be of a similar size with her ring finger. You can even take a picture of your intertwined hand which could be a good guide for the jeweler. See to it that you are holding her left hand.
Use champagne wire cage
7. Use champagne wire cage
Drink some wine with your special someone and jokingly place the champagne wire cage around her finger. Make sure that it fits and then keep it later. This way, you will get the right size for her ring.
8. Use clay
Another playful way to check her ring size is by using clay. Get a strip of clay and wrap it around her finger. Pretend that you are just playing with it but you have to retrieve the clay later. To make sure that your intentions are not so obvious, play with other shapes and forms as well using clay.
You have to bear in mind that you are making a big purchase. Because of this, you should be sure of the ring size before buying one. You don't want to waste thousands of dollars and for sure, you don't want to ruin the special day by buying a ring that won't fit! With the number of available options we mentioned above, you will surely find the perfect ring size for your special someone.