Zenith Cut:
The Worlds Most Brilliantly Cut Mined Diamond

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Perfectly proportioned diamond side Perfectly proportioned side of the diamond with measurements Top view on diamond

Artistry Meets Perfection

The ZENITH CUT™ Engage’s exclusive AGS Ideal Cut diamond. It’s cut to ideal light performance, proportions, symmetry and polish, which means it reflects light better than any other cut you’ll find. It also looks larger than standard brilliant round cut diamonds because of its edge-to-edge brightness.

Since ZENITH CUT™ diamonds are cut not to save weight at the expense of ideal performance, ZENITH CUT™ diamonds are larger in diameter as the cutters are not ‘hiding’ weight on the pavilion where performance is sacrificed over the profit the cutter makes.

The diamond is carefully inserted into the mold for further processing.

There is more brilliance in the ZENITH CUT™ diamonds as they reflect white light better. ZENITH CUT™ diamonds will look whiter than other diamonds as rays of light enter and exit on shorter paths and with greater intensity. Hearts and Arrows / Ideal cut are traditional 57 faceted round brilliant diamonds cut to perfection with ideal proportions and perfect symmetry and polish. As a result, when looked at with a Proportionscope®, there is a perfect pattern of eight symmetrical arrows in the face-up position of the stone called the “crown” and eight symmetrical hearts when viewed in the table-down position called the “pavilion”.

Cut is the only one of the 4C’s influenced by human skill and care. ZENITH CUT™ diamonds are cut for beauty and not for weight. It truly represents excellence in craftsmanship.

Since cut is the most important of the 4 C’s, only the most experienced master diamond cutters in the world work on ZENITH CUT™ diamonds. All ZENITH CUT™ diamonds are single-sourced and finished in Antwerp, Belgium, the diamond capital of the world. In addition to providing the best diamond cutters, this also guarantees ethical and traceable sourcing.

ZENITH CUT™ diamonds are not only cut to the highest standards of diamond cutting; it is the standard! Our cutters are fully compliant with all international best practice standards in the diamond industry, including De Beers Best Practice Principles (BPP), Anti Money Laundering (AML), Kimberley Process (Conflict Free), and Responsible Jewellery Council (RJC).

The AGS (the American Gem Society) is the laboratory chosen to evaluate all ZENITH CUT ™ diamonds because they are known for originating and setting the standards for grading diamond cut. A diamond’s cut is its most important attribute, and where ZENITH CUT™ diamonds truly outshine the competition. The art and knowledge of the cutter has a profound effect on the beauty of the diamond. Only a small select group of the most experienced diamond cutters are permitted to polish ZENITH CUT™ diamonds. ZENITH CUT™ diamonds can take up to 4 times the time to cut an ordinary diamond. Transcendence takes time, skill and effort.

The AGS Laboratories, founded to support the mission of the American Gem Society, is a nonprofit diamond grading laboratory with a mission of consumer protection.

The AGS Laboratory was founded in 1996 and pioneered the Ideal Cut grade for the Round Brilliant diamond. AGS created the first scientifically reviewed, objective, and repeatable Cut Grade method in the Jewelry Industry. It is still the only of its kind.

Illustration that shows light performance on Zenith Cut diamonds

Every ZENITH CUT ™ diamond includes full access to AGS’s Only My Diamond® portal. Through the portal you will be able to access a complete grading report, ASET map, clarity plot, light performance report, and video of your exact diamond. See how a ZENITH CUT ™ diamond shows its brilliance through the rigorous AGS cut grading standards.

The scales above display the ZENITH CUT™ Light Performance properties. AGS Laboratories' scientific and repeatable methodology uses patented ray-tracing technology to assess the attributes that are most important to the beauty of your diamond: Brightness, Fire, and Contrast.

illustration of light performance map

AGS Laboratories has developed patented technology to illustrate how light performs inside a diamond, returning light and giving it sparkle. This technology is called the ASET®, or Angular Spectrum Evaluation Tool.

The ASET® image provides a scientific yet simple method to assess your diamond’s “light performance” through precise color-coding.

Computer generated optical precision map of diamond

This is a computer-generated image of the ZENITH CUT™ that illustrates the symmetrical patterns created by its cut. The way your diamond handles and reflects light is what makes it sparkle. The patterns demonstrate the precision of the diamond's faceting and the degree of optical symmetry.

computer-generated illustration of the ZENITH CUT™ that illustrates the symmetrical patterns created by its cut

Think of the clarity plot as your diamond’s unique fingerprint. This distinctive map allows your diamond to be easily identified, and it supports the evaluation of the clarity grade. The legend above explains what the grading professionals at AGS Laboratories observed under magnification when they "plotted" the clarity of a ZENITH CUT™ diamond.

Illustration shows that diamonds are laser inscribed with personal AGS Report number

All ZENITH CUT™ diamonds are laser inscribed with your AGS Report number, your assurance of your diamonds grading.

Small uncut diamond viewed with light A man examines a diamond through a microscope The man fits a non-faceted diamond into a machining tool
Diamond after treatment with tool

The ZENITH CUT™ diamonds will look larger than standard cut diamonds since they exhibit edge to edge brightness.

There is more brilliance in the ZENITH CUT™ diamonds as they reflect white light better.

ZENITH CUT™ diamonds will look whiter than other diamond as rays of light enter and exit on shorter paths and with greater intensity.