Engage Patent Pending Technology

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We utilize Artificial Intelligence (AI) to learn your preferences and make the whole process easier and faster

Searching for an engagement ring doesn't need to be a stressful and confusing buying experience, there are too many options, too many websites.We've simplified the process to help you make an informed decision instead of endless browsing and comparing.

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Smart Discovery

We use AI to construct a unique shopping profile as you browse through a different selection of styles and diamonds, indicate your budget and likes/dislikes

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Deep personalization

Computer vision and your lifestyle attributes are used to produce a personalized selection of inventory based on your unique profile

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Dynamic pricing

Our market intelligence algorithms ensure that our prices are always lower on diamonds with the same-attributes than our competitors

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Virtual try-on

You can take a picture of your hand and use our Augmented Reality Try-On Feature to see the ring you’ve built mapped on your finger


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Mined or Lab Created Diamonds

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Anatomy of Engagement Ring

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The 4C’c

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Find Your Ring Size

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