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If your ring needs sizing at any time in the future, we will provide that service at no additional charge. Engage Provides the one and only Forever Lifetime Guarantee.


Custom Rings:
15-25 business days

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3-7 business days

Classic Wedding Bands:
3-10 business days

Diamond Bands:
15-25 business days

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2-5 business days

Enjoy free shipping of your Engage purchase via FedEx Second Day delivery. Overnight and Saturday options are also available

Engage Warranty

With Your Diamond Ring Purchase You Will Receive
  • Replacement of loss of stones, including center stones due to a defective setting, worn or broken prongs
  • Replacement of cracked or chipped stones
  • If your ring can not be repaired, we will replace it through Engage
  • Unlimited refinishing and polishing
  • Tightening of loose stones

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The Diamond

The Engage Price Guarantee

Our technology ensures that you always receive the lowest price for every diamond in your search results.

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We Care about Our Sourcing

We Care about Our Sourcing

Conflict-Free Diamonds
Diamonds are meant to be a gift of love. To prevent the sale of conflict diamonds, our industry and human-rights groups created the Kimberley Process Certification Scheme (KPCS) in 2002, which today regulates 99% of the worldwide rough diamond supply.
Protecting Our Lands
Engage supports jewelry industry associations, such as Jewelers of America and concerned nongovernmental organizations, such as EARTHWORKS and Initiative for Responsible Mining Assurance (IRMA) to encourage responsible mining practices.
Responsible Gold Sourcing
Engage utilizes recycled gold on all pieces manufactured in-house. We strongly believe in the goals of the conflict minerals law, which Congress passed as part of the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act in order to target conflict minerals.

Engage Insights

We’re here to help you, and tell you the secret other jewelers don’t want you to know

Rose Gold and Yellow Gold Secret

If your choice of gold color is Yellow or Rose, you can pick a diamond with a slightly lower color and select a larger diamond or save some money!

Engage Insights

Fluorescence can make your diamond look whiter

Because some diamonds react to UV light, the diamond can appear whiter, especially in diamonds with lower color. Although very strong fluorescence can impart a milky look in about 2% of fluorescent diamonds, you can consult with our Jewelry Concierge to avoid this.

Engage Insights

The brightness of the diamond depends on the cut

Cut has an enormous influence on the whiteness and brightness in a diamond. Cut is also the ‘C’ most influenced by the art and skill of the cutter and has a huge effect on price. It will make your diamond look brighter, whiter and larger if cut properly. Buyers typically focus on the other Cs first but don’t realize that Cut has such a huge effect on the beauty of the diamond.

Engage Insights

Why diamond 1.00 Ct might be smaller than 0.90 Ct

The carat weight of the diamond is different from the size of the diamond. Diamonds are typically cut to either look more beautiful or to save weight in the cutting process, often at the expense of the beauty. A diamond with a great cut will look larger as the weight is not ‘hidden’ on the bottom of. A well-cut diamond will be physically larger than a poorly cut diamond.

Engage Insights

There are no two identical diamonds

Every diamond, whether mined or laboratory-grown is unique and individual. Therefore, you can find similar diamonds by parameters but are not the same. Truly beautiful diamonds are highly desirable and are generally sold very quickly.

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What’s in the box

Included with your order:

  • - Statement value insurance
  • - Grading report
  • - Jewery Box
  • - Warranty
Giving Back
Conducting business in an environmentally and socially responsible manner is an integral part of Engage's commitment.

Engage is a Supporting Member

Jewelers of America

Better Business bureau

The Jewelers Vigilance Committee

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Our Commitment

Engage has uncompromising commitment, ethical standards based on integrity, exceptionalism, philanthropy and cutting edge technology.

High-Tech, High-Touch

Our proprietary technology is here to help you save time and money on finding the perfect ring. But we are still here to help - don’t hesitate to message our jewelry concierge at any time.

Enviromental Sustainability

Engage utilizes recycled gold on all pieces manufactured in-house. We strongly believe in the goals of the conflict minerals law, which Congress passed as part of the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act in order to target conflict minerals.

Exeptional Quality

We believe in making the ring buying experience exponentially better.​ We believe in the power of an authentic diamond. The meaning behind it. That the experience to acquire one should be special, and unique. And we do not take lightly the importance of the decisions couples make with us. That’s why we stand behind our promise of exceptional quality, selection, value and service.

Giving Back

A portion of all diamond sales will be donated by Engage to local youth organization Girls inc. and the Diamonds Do Good program to support education and development initiatives in countries involved with diamond mining.